Top 10 Highest paying Jobs in world for success

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Highest paying jobs in the world.


The average highest paying jobs salary of Lawyer is $1,40,500 per year in Dollars. Become a best lawyer, you need to study for a no. of years and clear all the examinations.

This profession is include a lots of hours and overtime to become a professional. You will need to represent a legal documents and a lot of time to advising your client.

Highest paying jobs

2.Marketing Manager

If you are looking for, where you can show your management and creativity skills to make a difference in a marketing management and companies then Digital marketing is a good option.

The highest-paying jobs in America based salary of marketing manager is $1,44,500 per year in Dollars and depending on your experience.

Marketing Manager has responsibility to connect a brand or product with the world and attract customers from different social media channels.

Digital marketing jobs

3.IT Manager

Information Technology manager jobs related to software, hardware & the network that buisness uses. IT manager professionals who direct and oversee activities dealing with a company’s information and computer systems.

Average salary of IT manger $1,44,600 per year in Dollars. IT manager have a broad knowledge of computing as a particular specialism. IT managers also responsible for securing and protecting a companies Networks.

IT Manager jobs
4.Software developer

Software developers typically do the Analyze user’s need and then design & develop software to clear out those needs. Developer also works on Designing, Researching and managing software programs.

Average salary of a software developer is $1,03,466 in Dollars. To become a software developer you have to learn and skilled in some programming languages.

software developer
5.Data Scientists

Data scientists help companies to solve difficult data problems. Big data scientists is in high demand now. companies are hired data scientist to help them to make data driven business decisions.

The average salary of data scientist $1,50,000 in Dollars. Scientist have analytical skills and business acumen as well as the ability to clean, mine and present data. That’s why the data scientist is highest paying jobs in texas.

Data scientist

6.Project Manager

Project manager prepare budget, design and implement projects in a variety of industries. Manager is also responsible for delivered the project and to run the project on a everyday basis with authority from project board.

Average salary of Project manager is $90,850. Project manager manage relationships with shareholders and clients. Manager coordinates with team members to make sure that all parties are on track with project deadlines, schedules, requirements.

Project manager

7.Electronics Engineer

Electronic Engineer works on Design electronic components, industrial, medical, software or scientific applications. To analyze customer needs and determine the requirements and cost for developing an electrical systems.

Electronics Engineer is one of the highest paying jobs. The average salary of Engineer is $ 1,40,890 per year. Key skills for electronics engineer is Complex problem-solving, critical thinking skills, An aptitude for mathematics, good communication skills.

Electronics Engineer

8.Web Developer

Web Developer handle the technical aspects of a website and maintains websites. To become a web developer you have to know about web design coding languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP etc.

The Average salary of a web developer is $ 95,970 per year. Developer designs users interfaces, navigation menus and Integrating multimedia content onto a website. This is the highest paying jobs in the US of Web developer.

Web developer

9.Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers works on design the power producing machines, like internal combustion engines, electronic generators and gas & steam turbines. Engineer design other machines inside buildings like Escalators and Elevators.

The average salary of a M.Engineer is $1,30,560 per year. Mechanical Engineer engage in lifelong learning and develop new theories or methods. They evaluate final product’s overall performance and analyze data and interpret results.

Mechanical Engineer

10. Event Planners

Event planner is responsible for organizing corporate or plans private events for companies. Duties of event planner such as reserving event venues, booking hotels, registering guests and meeting with clients to discuss their needs.

The Average salary of Event manager is $1,20,670. Event manager typically work out of an office and planning the scope of the event, including cost, location and time. That’s why the highest paying jobs of Event Planner.

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