Best 5 beautiful Hiking places in Himachal Pradesh

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Hiking & Trekking on Top of Himalayas.

India is a big and varied country, having many places to exploreTrekking destinations in India is broad and vast. When it comes to hiking in himachal, Himachal has plenty of places where this activity is possible.

 Hiking is a good way to experience nature in himachal pradesh. Himachal is a indian state in the himalyas.

1.Kinnaur Kalpa

kinnaur kalpa, mountains, hiking, treking, snowfall places

The place of Kalpa in Kinnaur Valley distt. is a very beatiful hilly area that view can not be compared. Highest mountain peak of himachal pradesh is Reo Purgyil in kinnaur at 6,816 m.

kalpa is famous for its shawls, kinnauri caps and handmade wooden handicrafts made by local people.This is also famous for its apple orchards.

2.Triund Trek Loop (Dharamshala)

Triund , treks, snowfall places

Triund Top: Triund is most popular Hiking & treking spot in Himachal Pradesh. where a lot of tourists to visit it ever year from all over world.It is situated in the laps

Dhauladhar mountains of Dharamshala in kangra district.It snows here too in winter season.

It is 2,850m from the sea level.Triund is also known as the crown jewel of dharamshala.Triund is a part dharamkot.

3.Chandratal Lake Trek (Chandratal Wildlife Sanctuary)

chandratal lake, treks, hiking, moon lake

Chandra Tal got the name because of its shape.It is a beautiful lake located in the high altitude of around 4,300 m in the mountaints in himachal.The colour of lake is blue but changes with the colour of sky.

It comes under Lahaul & Spiti district situated at a distance of 6km from Kumzum pass.It is a favourite spot of tourists and high altitude hikers.

its a very famous hiking site during summer and only visit three summer months from july to september end.Local believes that fairies visit the lake at night.

4.Prashar Lake Trek
prashar lake, hiking

Prashar lake is located on the Mandi district of himachal pradesh.Altitude of prashar lake from the sea level is 2,730 m.Its a very peaceful hiking spot.The perimeter of this lake around 300m and a little floating island ,that changes its place every year.

The lake was formed as rusult of stiking of god Rishi prashar,then water came out in shape of lake.The temple of rishi prashar is constructed by king Ban Sen in 14th century and built by using only a single deodar tree.

It tooks 12 years to complete the construction of Rishi prashar temple.The temple was built in pagoda style and dedicated to the rishi prashar.Visit to prashar is a perfect and arduous journey to exploring into the beautiful mountains.

5.Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek is situated Barshaini village of kullu District in himachal pradesh.You can reach Barshaini from Bhuntar,passing through kasol and Manikaran.Kheerganga is one of the best and popular for hiking in himachal.its hight from the sea level is 2,950 m and you go through there some beautiful views.

kheerganga trek, kullu, parvati valley, hiking

The trek is a paradise for nature lovers,the beautiful place attracts many trekkers for every year.In winters the trekking route of kheerganga trek is covered by the layers of heavy snow.During the trek from kasol to kheerganga,you can see stunning views of some waterfalls.

The distance this trek is 24 km long and you can be reach in 1-2 days.kheerganga is also famous hot water springs and amazing view of valley.Best time to visit the kheerganga trek in summer season.

Weather is pleasant to visit for hiking in these best months from march to july.You have to do different activities in kheerganga like Hiking,camping,visit Temples,Exploring the nature,Bathing in hot water springs.At lasts you can enjoy with your friends and feels the Nature.

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